Sheet Edits Quota—1000 per month?

What does HOA app mean?

Just thinking wild here: (and this may be easier to keep up with)

How about 1500 of EVERYTHING for free? No counting the “buckets”. Just add all the rows+edits+zaps+storage+whatever.
(I am never going to use a zap or signature or location, so I may want to have those 100 zaps for my rows or edits.)

Case in point:
If you have a small app with not many rows, you would have more edits to play with.
And if you have a LARGE app (that stays the same mostly) you can get over 1000 rows. (because you will not have many edits)

(Downside: a form would count twice - once for a new row and once for an edit)

On second thought, maybe one price for 2000 of anything!

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David is referring to an example I gave. HOA = Home Owners Association

I don’t mind this idea at all! To expand a bit on it, I think a new row should count as a new row and not an edit. “Edits” should be for changes to existing rows that force the app to refresh itself “manually” without the addition of a new row.

That’s just me thinking out loud. I’m sure the Glide team has considered different aspects of this challenge, but this amalgamated approach isn’t a bad option to consider for personal/low use organizational apps.

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I confess that at the moment I am quite insecure now with Glide because of that, investing time in learning how to develop an application where at some point changes to the business rule may interfere with ending a whole plan, I am rethinking to continue with Glide.


I agrees with krivo, espescially on transparency: we discovered this limitation by working on the apps or by being present in the forum.
Again, I can fully understand the cost approach you have as a company, but this way of communicating does not send a proper signal to us.

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Please tell I am also confused. Is it 1000 edits per month or total?

Per month.

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Thanks :relaxed:

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We would love to see sheet edit boost options for our use case. We have a golf tournament twice a year between friends and expect between 800 - 1200 sheet updates for the event (takes place over 4 days, each player entering their scores for the hole which triggers a leaderboard update). We’d rather pay for a boost for the months we have the tournament than upgrade to a Pro app (since we aren’t limited by the 500 row maximum or need other pro features)


You’ll have some nice options later today :wink:


My only issue so far is that it seems like edits made through the editor as part of the development process seem to count towards the # of edits. Is this a bug or by design?

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We’re working on fixing that.


The less expensive storage can import the data in Glide or GSheet??


I completed agree with @Krivo. Sheet edits shouldn’t be limited. I didn’t even notice and my app raced to 1000 edits and locked. Do not punish common developers.

If possible have a manual reload button of some kind. If I made change to my sheet then if I don’t press that button, don’t reload.

So the edit count is for structural changes to the sheet or data changes count too?

Can you explain how your sheet is edited?

Well. It is nothing special. I have my own style / flow when I create something with Glide. I keep an app in DEV, make-test-validate changes and then release it in PROD (which is PRO).


So, you are the only one editing the sheet? There is not a team of people editing it? Can you please be more specific? If you are using up 1,000 reloads just to build your app, we don’t want that.


Yes. The DEV app is accessed only by me. I use the editor to make changes. Then test is on various devices from the published URL. My 1000 edits filled up couple of days back. I refilled with 10$ boost just today AM. I am already 125 edits into my new limit.