Share review form

Hello ,
I am actually building a review app , So a Business Register and share a form to anyone . Only the persone who have the link can go and post a review .

1-Want to know if its possible to the business to create there own form , or I can only have one template?
2- And how can the business share it to any one . Do I need to use zapier .

I think I can automate it with zapier , everyone business who share got the unique id in the slug and collect it with the unique id and do a filter based on that?
Thank You

Since entry components have to be added by the app developer, I don’t think you will find an easy way to “create their own form”.

Once the form has been established, I think you can have a template column to construct the form’s URL (not customize in anyway, basically replacing rowIDs where needed), then allow the business to share that URL to users.