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My app needs a list of dynamic items (basically, items in a list from a relation) to be shared with the client either as an email or as a pdf, both options are fine. Can someone help with a solution for the same?

This is what the screen looks like,

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You can build an Integromat scenario for this, it does take a bit of time though.

I assume you have a relation for this list, then what you do is:

  • Build a template column in each of those item rows, let’s say “Barcelona Fabric Sofa - aecord - 1.00 unit”.

  • Join the info of the items through a joined list column in the sheet where the relation is stored, you can use a “new line” delimiter here so it would appear like:

Barcelona Fabric Sofa - aecord - 1.00 unit
Radia - Artizinium - 250.500 Sq. Ft.
Arrowslit - Artizinium - 200.00 Sq. Ft.

  • In your button, send that info, alongside the receiver’s email through a webhook action.

  • In Integromat, create a webhook module to receive the info above, then an email module to send that info to the receiver. You can add whatever text you want alongside the list in the email body.

For PDFs, you basically follow the same procedure but either:

  • Add PDFMonkey as a module in Integromat and construct the right HTML/CSS template (this will take time).

  • Add Google Docs as a module and construct a Google Doc template, pass the list info in there and export the Doc as a PDF, then send that PDF to the receiver.


Thank you @ThinhDinh for this detailed explanation, I feel this will work. Will try out and confirm the same.

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