SHA 512 not available in Cryptography Section

I and @Sanket_Vyavahare are trying to convert a string into SHA 512 using Javascript code but it is producing a lot of errors in the code.

Error: [ Function Error ReferenceError: require is not defined]


Also, only SHA256 option is available under the Experimental Section.
Can anyone please guide us on how to convert a string in GlideSheet to SHA512.

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Why not use the plugin column?

Thanks for your response, @Darren_Murphy.

We need a sha512 encrypted string to integrate with a payment gateway. The payment gateway does not support sha256 encrypted string.

We could generate the sha256 string using plugin column.

Anything we can do here?

Apologies, I misread.

Can you show me the JavaScript code that isn’t working for you?

pfb the screenshot below

yeah, that won’t work.

Try the following:

const { sha512 } = await import("");
return sha512(p1);


This is amazing! It worked… Thank you very much, @Darren_Murphy! You are a rockstar!


Skypack rocks!


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