Setting up an inline OR relational list using a lookup field querying records from the SAME table

Hey folks! I am wondering if/when lookup fields querying the SAME table they exist in, will be supported. Here is a video of what I am trying to do. I’m hoping someone has a workaround for this or that this will be supported soon!

Yup. Perfectly possible!

I would personally create a multiple relation in glide that links the Topic ID column to the Replies column. Then display point the source of the list to that relation.

Another option is to set the filter. One either the left or right side of the filter, you should be able to select Screen Values. Screen Values would be the values on the detail screen you are currently viewing and you can compare it to a column in each row. What was actually happening for you was that you were trying to filter each row, where each row was ONLY looking at itself. By using Screen values, you can look at the current row and compare it to all other rows.