Setting up a subdomain with Glide

Hi there!

I’m hoping to use a subdomain as a custom domain, but I’m not sure to go about it. My assumption was to change the www here to app (or whatever subdomain) in my settings, but Glide is insistent on checking for the custom domain using www.

Is there a help article or something anyone can point me to?

Here’s the doc link for you.

I don’t have much experience with this, so please let us know if the doc link helps or not.

I’m not sure how to get Glide to expect a different host. It’s looking for www, so even when I set it on my DNS as a different subdomain, Glide will continue to look for www and return an error when it isn’t found.

What have you configured at Step 1?

If you want to use, then that’s what you should enter.

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Ah! That makes too much sense! Had to put in the right subdomain in step 1. Thank you.

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