Set time visibility notification

So far a notification has been mainly to give the user the feeling that his entry was submitted, stuff like that.

Thanks to the compount actions you can make notifications more specific, more personal, more communication.

To really communicate with the user and to give the user time to take in the message, the timeframe in which the notification is visable is too short now.

It would help me if I could set the length of the visibility of a notification.


@erwblo that would be neat. :smiley:

I mention that in a comment a while ago, especially for the notifications. If the message is too long, sometimes you don’t have time to read it.

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Or even the option to require a tap on the notification to dismiss (per the delete confirmation)


@V88 Sounds good :+1:

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Pablo, timers is the next great step I believe, I’ve been pushing for timers for 7 months now.

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Hopefully glide makes it happen very soon

I am running a competion.
People only have to press a button.
The notification says: ‘Thanks, you’ll hear if you won in our weekly newsletter’

Proof that the notification is too short?

A lot of people enter twice!

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There you go

Are you wanting only 1 button press?? If so have the button set up the notification as well as a toggle thats shows they entered and make the button visible based on the toggle being false, when it is true the button disappears and you will only get one entry. If you dont care then have the google sheet just use the unique function on the people that did enter and you will only see the name once.

Thanks! Good idea!

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Oh…hey, your welcome. I honestly thought you had finished it, I didn’t know you needed a solution. Was just suggesting. Your Welcome though :slight_smile:

I thought I had finished it :wink: Your finish is better :wink:

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I’m glad I could help :star_struck:

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Same here! I feel the length of notification being on the screen is too short and adjusting the time would be very valuable.

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