Set Default to Separator to show without line divider

Hey Glide Community,

Interested to hear what you think!

99% of the time when I use a separator to break up sections in my apps I use them without line dividers. To the point now where I question when it really would be necessary to show the faint grey line when alternatives exist. Do you use the lines as default?

It would be great if the default condition could be flipped so that the separator shows without the line to start.

Happy Building!

I use the separator with and without the line. I wouldn’t say that I favor one vs the other. However, if I’m configuring several separators on the same screen, I will often just duplicate an existing separator component if it’s already set up the way I want it.

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I’d be okay with that…

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Certainly - I do the same when using the multiple separators as well. It’s more just having the press the box … a very small annoyance, granted.

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