Additional Separator options

Separators are so handy. They really help organize a page from a design standpoint. It would be great to add a medium and thick separator, in addition to the thin one, to add to our design flexibility. Thanks!


and maybe even allow 3 different sizes of spacing. in some instances the seperator is too close to the components


I made my own with software. I drew a line 7 pixels wide, cropped to the selected line so there’s no extra background, and saved as a png file. I use the image component to display them.

Here they are in use: The green, yellow and black lines are mine. Since I have the images literally cropped to the width of the line, I can stack them as high as I want without white spaces in between.


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Great! Thanks so much for sharing! I will definitely use this approach until perhaps we have the quick options in Glide. This is especially great if you want to customize the color.

You can also make lines using HTML in a rich text component.

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Got this idea from @Robert_Petitto, but I use the progress bar quite a bit. I create a 0 value and a 100 value with template columns in several sheets to use with the progress bar to get 2 different colors.


Feature implemented! Thank you Glide team! :star_struck:

@Deena Dear, Just to tell you, you are doing wonderful work. I too wanted this and many more feature you requested. Hats off to you :clap: :clap: :raised_hands:

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Thank you! It’s good to hear that! Now I’m waiting for us to be able to upload custom logo in place of tab name! :grin: