Set all empty fields in a column to

I have a simple check in check out system as part of a bigger app.

Each user can check themselves in and out with buttons. Check in adds a row with their own identifier, and adds a date/time stamp to a check in column. On their own screen they will only see their own list of check ins and can check themselves out (which simply adds a date/time stamp to the check out column. It is not locked to row ID etc as there is nothing personal in this list, so I am simply filtering by user and whether there are any rows without a checkout stamp.

I have an Admin account who can see all current check ins and at the moment they have to go to each check in and check them out individually.

It would be useful to be able to tick each checkin listed and then press a “check out selected” button, or failing that a simple “check out all button” which would simply bulk add the date/time stamp to every item in the list.

I am sure it is fairly simple, but with everything else going on in the app this one has me stumped at the moment. Appreciate any help

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If you’re displaying the items as a list, then you could do the following:

  • Configure the action on the list to Set Columns -> This Item -> CheckOut Time -> Current DateTime
  • Set the visibility on the list to only display items where the CheckOut Time is empty

With that setup, just clicking on the list items one by one will immediately “check them out” and remove them from the list. (I just tested that quickly, and it does work)

I can’t think of a way to do that in Glide (maybe somebody else will have an idea), so I would probably resort to a trigger script.


Darren, nice suggestion regards the action. If all else fails I will probably go down that route.