Set a time & date from inline check list

Hello everyone,

Trying to chosse date & time from inline list inside form.

Tried with check list so can choos the one I want (time window)

Thanks for the help

Is there any reason you don’t want to use choice component?

Assuming the Time/Date/Event pickers do not do what you wish?

Or are you in a similar position to me in another thread where you are trying to book a specific time slot?

Client request…

Yeah I need to choose form a time slot pre made

you can create your own time picker using a tiles list.

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It’s what I am currently trying to build. The version I shared earlier is a fairly brute force option, currently on version 2 but having some time related issues. Once I get past them it should be a little easier for a while.

I currently have logic in place for

Choice of what days are available
Time of day open
Lunch times, or unavailable sections of the day.

I’ve gone with 15 minutes slots and once I get the time sorted I have ideas ready for filtering them if you wanted a booking slot of any length (multiple of 15 minutes).

It then depends what you want to do with that slot afterwards.