Server side columns

I have been driven quite mad with the way is user-device centric. That is very handy for many applications but it is lousy for apps that need to concretely about values and states.

My app has been chasing its tail…
User is ready for call - great, visible to agents
Agent 1 clicks and grabs it ‘toggle taken = true’ and email = agent 1 - nice!
But…. Meanwhile on a distant device…
Agent 2, 3, 4 all see the same thing (for about 10 seconds), and they all click the same way….
And that email field is overwritten each time BY THE LAST IN. So the other agents get kicked, with 10 second lags.

Glide is user-centric. Today.

It would be nice to have special columns that have to resolve on the server (somehow). Not an emulation on the user device, but a short trip to the server to say ‘hey! Am I really the only one, or is there data here?’.

My multi week nightmare is still with pursuing, and glide is going in the right direction. Bizarrely my solution might be relying more heavily on zapier / integromat and GS…. Maybe….

But in the longer term, server data would be a good thing to have.

I’m not sure, but the “Basic” columns are on the database side (hence server) and the other columns (calculate) are on the client side.
To be confirmed with a specialist.

It might be worth doing a little test !!

Basic columns might be on the server, but they live on and are computed on the device. This means …. As I said above, one user can overwrite another in the lag time it takes to sync.


I can not guide for your application.
But I would do as in programming embark for the electronic chips: a FIFO buffer for the list of waiting users.

It’s pretty easy to do in a database.
you need to add a simple table (buffer) with DateTime and ID / Email User
Each time a User arrives for a consultation, you add them to the table.
The agents consult the table and take the first users. As soon as they are in contact or their patients are chosen, you remove the user from the list. It’s not really a FIFO buffer but it looks like it.

I wish you good luck with your application.


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