Separators on the Side Menu

Please consider including some form of separator for the side menu (the one accessible from the upper left hamburger). Right now all items in the menu get visually clumped together as one thing even if certain groups of items are thematically different from others. Some way to separate groups of menu items would help. Just a simple separator would do, with the ideal allowing some kind of label as well. Or something similar to the Rich Text component would allow unique styling of headers and separators.


You could create a new tab, delete all the features from it, and name it “-----------”.

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Just to be clear, do you mean, creating a new tab and then switching it to Detail screen and then deleting all components from it? So that if people actually click on that separator tab it just takes them to a blank screen? Or is there another way to make that particular tab non-clickable? Because I just did the former and it actually looks pretty good (I did it with em dashes which are longer). But it’s kind of goofy that when you click on that separator tab it takes you to a blank screen. But I suppose most people would visually identify it as a separator and would not click it.

But Glide team, it is a halfway decent solution. Giving us the option to turn off the click-ability of a side menu tab would allow us to create separators this way. Of course a proper separator would be ideal.

Anyway, thank you @Tim_Sullivan! Clever hack.

Yep, that’s exactly what I suggested. I’m sure there will be a permanent solution coming down the pipe, but for now…

It would be nice also besides separator and insert name to them (categories)

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For sure. That’s what I meant by labels.