Send Interactive Proposals to Clients

Brainstorming solutions for one of my home service companies. We use our app to create proposals for garage coatings. Right now we have a make scenario create a nice looking PDF to send off to the client but it’s a dead document. In other words, the client can’t select line items, colors, dates and esign. Rather than jump over to a new expensive software to run our proposals, does anyone in the glide community have a good idea of how we could build this into Glide or Make without requiring the client to create a user for our app?

Without signing into the app, the data in your proposals won’t be secure, but it’s possible:

  1. write the deeplink for each proposal screen to the record in the proposals table.
  2. create a “password” text column and fill it with a password that the client will need to enter
  3. create a “password entry” user specific text column that the user will need to enter to see the proposal
  4. build out the details screen of the proposal. Hide everything behind a visibility condition to where password is password entry (including an edit button that would allow the viewer to select their choices and esign)
  5. send clients the deeplink to the screen and ask them to enter the password, etc.

BTW—nice to see that you’re still an avid Glide user! Hope Mr. Proactive is going strong!