Select the user from a choice list to use as a filter of a list

apologies for the unclear subject line.

the workflow I need to finish is thus:

  1. assign instructions to specific students (working)
  2. Create lessons for specific students (working)
  3. Now I need a form that lets me:
    a. select a user
    b. view the current list of assigned instructions for that user (I currently only have this working when I am using the user profile name and using “viewing as ”
    c. select which of those assigned instructions I’d like to add to the current lesson (multi-choice radio buttons)

This seems simple but I don’t see a way to use the current name from the student choice selection to filter the list of assigned instructions.

I realize their is a nested link between only show me assigned instructions when i select the name. I could simplify this but just showing all instructions but wanted to know how to filter the list. thanks

When you select a name, it should be writing the chosen name to a user specific columns in one of your tables. You should be able to use that column value to create a relation, which can be the source of your collection. Or you can simply filter the collection by the choice component value (screen value).

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Thanks Jeff. Is there a video/document that shows how to filter by the choice component value?

I would imagine the best source of names would be my user table. I’ve created a column in my instructions table called filterName. When I pick a name, Glide writes the selected name to the first row of my instructions table.

Is that the required data for a collection filter to dynamically update the list based on selecting different users?

No videos that I can think of off the top of my head. The setup should be pretty straightforward. A detail screen can only be attached to one row. When you select an item from the choice component, it’s written to a column in the row of the table that the screen is attached to. From there you either create a relation using that selected choice and set the source of your collection to that relation or you set the source of the collection to the entire table and then set a filter on the collection based on the ‘Screen’ value of the column the choice component is writing to. Personally I prefer the relation method.

A choice component can be sourced from any table. The column that the selected choice is written to is based on the table and row that the screen is attached to.

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thanks Jeff. will unpack this. I have it working with hardcoded values its the inability to access the related colum fields in the filter is where i get stuck.

Will go over the info provided.

If you provide screenshots of what you have, we can better help.

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