Seeking High-level advice

For the sake of explanation, I am looking to build a Glide app which is a read-only inventory of all the professional soccer/football stadiums in the world.
Let’s say there are only 300…but they are global.
There are about 150 attributes for each stadium…in roughly 10 different categories.
What is the advice on how to structure that? (on the Google sheet side…as well as in the UI)

For such a high number of categories I would advise you to break them down into categories for displaying. Let’s say headline 3 for category name, then all attributes of that category in a table component. Do it like that until the 10th.

You wouldn’t want the user to scroll so far down, so you can have a choice component to let them choose the category they want to view.

On the Sheets side, I think you can break them down into 10 sheets and make relations to bring content back into a mastersheet with unique stadium names.

Or you can use Glide Tables, but I assume you will use an API to get data and Glide Tables hasn’t supported that.

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Thank you.
So as you can imagine, I’ll have items from several continents. I was thinking of using ISO Continent/Country names so that the user can show only stadiums in the country they are interested in (e.g., EU (Europe) => FRA (France) => (Locality) Saint-Denis => (Stadium) Stade de France)
Do you think this will be manageable accross 10 sheets? If this was a relational database, I could just create an ID and maintain a separate set of tables to show the relation between continents / countries / localities.
Could such an approach work here?

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Yes that would work. As long as you make the relations right then it can work like the way you describe above. I’m more concerned about managing a lot of columns, which might make the app too laggy.


Thanks again. Ultimately, the number of rows won’t be that big…but the value I am trying to add is by doing an in-depth look at the many attributes which I see as mattering when doing the comparison between stadiums.
So it just has to be lots of columns.
Maybe for “version 1”, I could de-scope that “global selection/navigation” feature and only render data for one country as an MVP.
It’s still going to be many columns…but if I use “headline 3” as stated above, then hopefully performance will be OK