Seeking help to create relation between two tables

Hello everyone, im seeking your help, im still learning Glide Apps, im currently building an inventory out in app but im facing some problems creating relations between two tables

Basic functions ::

Table products with the products in the inventory with three types of status (in / out / lost)

Table Out wher i want to create an event name and select multiple items from the table Products and when submitting the form the status of the selected items in the table products changes to Out

Hope the idea is kinda clear, any help would be very very appreciated.

Thank you very much

So I assume each product in the Products table would only have the quantity of 1, and when you log them as “Out” in the “Out” table you want to change their status?

This isn’t straightforward, since we can use a set column action over a multiple relation. You would have to send a list of rowIDs of those products to a service like, then use a batch HTTP call to mutate the status (requires Pro+).

If you are on Business/Enterprise, you can explore the Call API action instead, which uses basically the same idea.

Can you give example of this scenario?

Can your Inventory Items be part of “Multiple Events” or if an inventory item is added to an “Event” then it’s out forever?

If your inventory item can only be part of just one event then you can do a simple relation and IF-ELSE column to determine the status.

Hello Hassan, exactly the items can be out for a unique event and then they can be in to the inventory, can you please guide me through this im really struggling.

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Happy to help you.