Seeking guidance for building first app

Hi there Gliders! :wave:t4:

I am very new to this community and new to app development in general.

I am trying to build a AI-assisted addiction recovery coaching app. This subject is personal to me, and I am trying to build a solution I wish I had in my recovery days. I am also taking this as an opportunity to step outside my comfort zone and learn something new.

While I continue navigating through Glide university and the posts here to learn how I can develop this solution, I am sending out this bat signal :bat: to seek your guidance for any links/courses/templates etc. I should specifically look at that would be useful for this newbie.

Idea: The app will have structured day-by-day course material which is drip fed as users progress through the course as well as non-linear topics that users can dive into whenever they need + a 24/7 AI chat assistant that users can interact with, the assistant takes into account the user’s progress as well as a summary of the user’s journal entries when responding

The broad features I would love to get your insights on:

  • Setting up the coursework in the app (distinct screens for overall course and individual daily contents) and unlocking it based on progress
  • Building a private journal + chat feature which users can write into based on course prompts and have GPT responses; both as a standalone as well integrated into the coursework (i.e. prompts and GPT responses within the course screen)
  • User accounts, privacy and individual progress tracking
  • General UI/UX suggestions

Any guidance or direction for one or more of these is much appreciated! Please also share with me if you think any of this is too ambitious/impractical.

Thank you very much!! :crossed_fingers:t4: :pray:t4:

Hi! I think what you have described is possible to build although not easy. Make sure that your app follows Glide’s guidelines about private user’s information handling… User Data Rules and Restrictions | Glide

On the second note, the AI assistant (the way you want it to work) most likely will require Call API function which is on a Business plan, please, take that into consideration…

Check Loqode’s newest youtube video for the tutorial: Open AI in Glide or AI assistant in GPT account - #16 by Nataliya_Kovaleva


Thank you so much @Nataliya_Kovaleva! This is very helpful. I’ve also signed up for the Loqode school.

Cognizant of the user privacy concerns, at this stage I am only envisaging a “assistant” for people on their recovery journey so won’t be asking for any specific/identifiable health data.