See All for in-line lists

It’s a minor gripe in a sea of Glide-wonderfulness, but here goes.

We know it’s possible to specify that an inline list avoids being one long list and instead shows a limited, specified number of items. Once enabled, the ‘See all’ link is shown once the max items are reached.

The issue is that tapping See all takes the user to a screen with a brand new list, one that needs re-formatting. That in itself is not a big deal. What is a big deal is that any custom actions (triggered by selecting an item) that you had programed previously are lost, e.g. ‘do something then view this item’. It gets worse. Programing a new custom action ‘do something and then view this item’ opens a complete new screen. The old link is lost. That is huge. This can imply hours of work to restore the lost screens.

Surely the default should be to carry over the formatting AND the custom actions for the ‘See all’ link.

I would be happy if I’m missing something!

You’re stuck right now, but I believe glide is working on the ability to reuse actions.