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I was recently looking through the Glide University and I decided to explore the Search tab ( I’d like to know how to replicate what the Search tab does in one of our apps, since at the moment we have a very cluttered “Explore” tab that doesn’t do the job very well.


what do you mean by,

What specifically don’t you like about your current search feature?

At the moment, we have a custom collection component for the posts, and then a button for people. Users use the search box for posts and then have to press the button to search for people.

We’d like to do something more like Glide University, where it’s one simple box that shows results for both people and posts at the same time as soon as a user types something in.

ok. @Darren_Murphy guided me to the best solution that I could hope for with this:


Thanks! :slight_smile:

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in my case, I used an array column to collect all the text data from the columns that I wanted in my search > then used a joined list column to convert it back to text > then I used this to feed my search as per Darren’s instructions.

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