Search return only the first value

Hello guys,
My application worked well until now, but since some days, the function search return the first value of the first line;
i dont changed anythink since several month.
I found this very strange, what happen in glade ? What changed ?
Have you an idea ?
Thanks for help

Are you using the native search, or your own custom search?
Could you please add a couple of screen shots or a short video that demonstrates the problem and how you have your search configured?

Hello Darren

the app is
I publish that has problem, I dont understand what append now

Thank you for your help

When I look at your app, I see what appears to be a list screen with a single item and a search bar.
The search bar works as expected, so I’m sorry but I don’t understand what the problem is.

You will need to explain more. As I mentioned, some screen shots that show your data and how your screen is configured would be very helpful.

Ok Darren
Try to search a value like 4

Well, that returns nothing.
But that’s what I’d expect because I don’t see any items in the list containing a number 4.

How many items should there be in the list?
As I said, I only see one. Do you expect there should be more than that?

Will be fixed by Wednesday. Apologies.

Hello Darren,
See the message of Mark, this was fixed
Thanks for your help

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