Search is only searching what is displayed on screen


I have a screen with “editions” of a magazine, each edition takes to a page with a list of all articles in this edition. What I’d like to do, is allow the user to search for articles in the editions page. There is a column with list of articles, but when I search for a keyword it only searches in whatever is displayed on the screen (edition name) and not in all columns to find the article. It makes no sense to me. How can I fix that without showing a list of articles?

Have you tried displaying a component that contains all article names in the details view and then hide it using a condition that will never be true?

My impression is that search will only look for values that are displayed inside details view for each item.

Yes, I tried that, but like you said, it’s showing me only results based on what is displayed and not based on what’s inside the rows. @david any solution for this? It makes searching a bit useless?

Do you have a joined text column to join all article names?

I have a column with all article names in rich text