Search/Filter data and export

Morning All,

I am looking to build a search/filter function inside an expense app. I would like to have the ability to search expenses by dates (for example 1 May - 31 May and export this report).

When a user adds an expense they add the date it was added. Is one date field enough or should I have two? and another search/filter option which is card type from a dropdown list.

Any ideas or supporting video links on how best to achieve this would be amazing, please.

Any support is appreciated!

Thanks, Ben.

Have a watch of the below:


Thank you for taking the time to show me how to do this. Greatly appreciated.

I appear to be stuck at the Custom action point, I am not seeing the same as you at 2:20 in your video (I am not seeing the svExportHelper in the Row field). I dont have this option.

Any ideas why this might be?

Many thanks, Ben

Looks like you are missing the Single Value → Whole Row column in your User Profile table.
Check the video at 1:04.

If you do already have that column, it might not be configured correctly. Here is a screen shot of what mine looked like:

This is what I have. Assume this is correct?

Yes, that looks correct.
Only other thought is your User Profiles might not be correctly configured. Can you show me a screenshot of your User Profiles configuration please?

Oh, and also check that your Export Helper table actually contains one data row.

Thanks Darren, screenshots below.

Okay, I can see from this screen shot that you have Row Owners applied to the Email column, and all rows are greyed out. This means that you must be “Viewing as” as User that doesn’t exist in your Users table - possibly “Anyone”?

You need to view it as a valid user that exists in that table, or remove Row Owners.

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