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Hello, I have been developing a simple app for my work, with few users. There’s no data that can’t be seen by any of these users, so you wouldn’t need row or column owners. Basically, we will transfer data from a physical form to the system, in addition to performing queries and edits. The point is that only now, about to launch the system, I realized that when one user filters a list of names, this is reflected to another the other logged-in user, how to avoid this?

The application is for class control, where I have the following tables: Courses, Classes, Students and a hidden table of Enrollments. My users should be able to see all the data, to register new students, new courses, new classes. and so on. As if everyone were an admin, it will be a maximum of 3. What other problems can I face besides this, of searching for a name in a list and this list with that name being filtered on the screen of other users who are using the system?

If you are having issues with a user changing a value that affects other users, then you need to make sure that you are using user specific columns.


In fact, I want the editing of the database by one user, to be viewed by another. I was just worried that even a simple search embedded in a list would be reflected on other users’ screens, this I don’t want. EX: User X searches In a search embedded in the list of students for “maria”, that list is momentarily filtered with the name of maria. Users Y is in the same app and refreshes the students screen and sees the filtered list in the name MARIA, an action performed by user X.

You mentioned filters, and those filters affecting other users. Based on what you said, I assumed that you are not using any built in search and filter capabilities, and instead built your own capabilities by writing those search and filter values to a table. Those table columns used for searching and filtering would need to be user specific because there is no reason for another user to see what you are searching for.

On the other hand, if you are using the built in search and filter, then you should not have any issues.

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I didn’t express myself well. I have a search in the title bar of my collection, which searches data from my students table. I realized that when I search for a student’s name, and my filter for that name, another user who is accessing the same app, can see my search. I need this other user to see the edited student data or new students added to me, but it’s not a good experience for him to see the filtered collection, even so he can make the additions or changes he needs. I’m going to try putting in the role column of the user table a row property for admins and make my three users admins and see what happens.

It’s not clear (at least not to me) from your responses so far whether you are using native or custom filtering. If you’re using custom filtering (which seems most likely) then Jeff has already given you the solution - write your filter values to User Specific Columns.

Can you please share a screenshot that shows how your filtering is configured and applied?


I am no longer able to replicate the error. I believe the problem was that I performed this test in the same google window, in different tabs. I thought you should be in two different users, one in each tab, when in fact I had the same user in both tabs and that’s why the actions in tab 1 were being replicated in tab 2, including searches carried out in a collection.

according to images above

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