Script for for to compare

Hi there!
I need to create a script for to compare two tables. If the value in the table rows matches, then the script will notify the user. Where can I read about it?

You’ll find examples of various scripts in this thread.

How would the user be notified - email?

As an alternative to scripting, I’d recommend also checking out automation tools such as Zapier or Integromat.

No, push in app

So on adding a new row to table A, if it matches a row in table B then it should notify the user and vice versa?

Push notifications will not work on IOS, and will only work under very specific circumstances on Android.


I thought this was the wrong algorithm. better like this: the script compares two tables, and if there is a match (exact or in the period), then it copies the row to the third table, and a notification is already received from there

Then what I would do is create 2 custom forms for the addition of rows to two tables.

In those forms, writing to user-specific columns, I would have a relation to check if:

  • When I add to table A, if the input info matches a row in table B, write both to table A and table C, and show an in-app notification. If no, only write to table A.

  • Same for table B, if the input info matches a row in table A, write both to table B and table C, and show a notification. If no, only write to table B.


How to do it?

Where are you getting stuck with it? How are you currently letting users add rows to each sheet?

while also
function moveRows()
{ var sheet = SpreadsheetApp.openById(“id”);
var sheetname = sheet.getSheetByName(‘Feed’);
var sheetname = sheet.getSheetByName(‘Alarm-list’);
var sheetname = sheet.getSheetByName(‘Notifications’);
var rng = sheet.getRange(‘A1:Z200’);
var rngA = rng.getValues();

Can you go through what that function specifically does in your case?

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