Scheduling app, Is it possible via Glide


I would like to work on a scheduling app for a barber shop. The Shop has three staff (could increase or decrease) and they would like to request their clients to use Glide app to make reservation. The reservation processes need to go like this

Clients -> choses a barber -> Choses a Day of the Week -> Glide needs to display available time slots (if none available, then chooses a different day of the week) -> then client reserve one of the available slots and provides name & mobile number.

Is this doable in Glide?

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I think so maybe you can use a tools Like Zapier and connect your google sheet and a Google Agenda.
Take a look on website :wink:

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Yes! This is possible. I created a conference registration app for my staff ( The difference being that you want time slots to be unique and I wanted them to be filled with more than one user. My app is whitelist, but I enabled the “make a copy” feature so feel free to tweak.


Thank you @Robert_Petitto. It seems that I have a problem as this is not the first app that I attempt to copy an app and I get:

Oh sheet!
An error occurred duplicating the app.

Any Idea why?

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Following as I have a similar requirement.

Thanks again @Robert_Petitto. Below is the response by @Mark on the issue of not being able to copy the app.

I’ll attempt to do that tonight!

Thanks @Robert_Petitto. Truly appreciated.