Schedule and track your pick-up sports games with ease!

If you run a recreational sports league or pick-up games with friends, these projects will make your life much simpler!

With Rink Buddy and Ballpark Buddy, you can manage pick-up hockey and baseball/softball games in a desktop or mobile interface.

Here are the top features (found in both projects):

  • Games can be configured with a maximum number of players at each position — make sure you always have enough players signed up for each game!
  • Players can keep track of all the games they’ve signed up for and easily add games to a Google calendar.
  • All locations are found on a map, with a quick tap to get directions to each venue.
  • An Admin (or “Commissioner”) can easily add new games or locations, edit existing games, and notify all players who have signed up for a particular game. If a game is cancelled, the Admin can remove the game from the schedule and notify all players of the cancellation with a single click!

Note: Projects are made in Glide Tables only with no external integrations. Depending on the amount of activity you expect in your sports league, these projects can likely be used on a free Glide account, but a Starter Plan is recommended to ensure you’ve got enough rows to manage a full season of games!

For more information about these projects (and others!) please check out my page here: KH Apps