Save the e-mail of user after switch to on

my app, people add a record and another one can switch to on the object.
I already save as owner of row, when user add a record, but I’d like save the e-mail who switch to on in order to know who helped the user who posted the request.

Tkx in advanced,

Is this done through a form or edit action? If it is, you can record the special value of current user’s email to write to a column to show who last edited the row.

thx shchc for prompt reply. I guess I’m not advanced as u. at a glance I didnt understando what u wrote but I’ m gonna tried. could give me a second level of tips? few steps to follow or a url to read?

I’ll appreciate.

Each of row in your sheet can be edited if enable the ability to edit it inside Glide. If you can get to that point, you can allow certain column values to be edited and then you can collect the current signed in user’s email address automatically using a special value field. You would just have to add a column to your spreadsheet to store this user’s email address in the same row as the one they’re editing.

If you post some screenshots, it may be easier to help with more specifics.

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so thx again shchc.
the point is this record that u r seeing, another e-mail/user posted. I already save as owner of row.

my issue is that when another user turn the switch on, I´d like to save the e-mail that turn it.
so in the record I will have 2 emails. one of the owner and other the user who turn the switch on.

this is what I dont know how to do it. btw in portuguese “Boleto Pago” is let´s say, bank slip paid. sth like that.

All good. On this page, allow it to be edited. This switch needs to be captured in the Edit function if you want to capture the user who switches it on.

when u say “This switch needs to be captured in the Edit function” where I set this. Because user can turn it on or off, but I don’t know how to save your e-mail.

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I’m gonna try it! I added a special column like this.

The label in portuguese is EmailWhoPaid

Short answer is, you cannot fill two values off of one switch action. As @shchc said, and what the glide documentation states, you can only obtain the the user’s email while in edit, add, or form mode. In those modes, you have access to Special Value columns which will also write the signed in user email to the sheet after you click the submit button. What you are trying to do with a switch on a details view screen is not possible at this time. It will only write the true or false value to the sheet. It will not also write the user’s email.