Sarch after a Floorplan drawing app to embed

Hi Gliderz,

Hope everyone is fine ?

In our job we must draw 2d plan of home and business.
These plan is use to indicate where we put the baitbox for rats and mouses.

For now, we use roomsketcher and we mannualy import the file in glide but we search after a solution to embed in glide for draw diretly and save the file in html to automate the process.

Some advice ? :slight_smile:

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When I search Roomsketcher, I see this option.

Do they give you a URL to embed? If yes, have you tried using that URL in the web embed option?

Hello ThinhDinh,

First, thank you for helping, I appreciate :slight_smile:

This option is for 3D view. We work with 2D floorplan (see pictures)

And the problem is that Roomsketcher is not API friendly…

So I think the best is to find an other solution, any ideas ?

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Sorry, if Roomsketcher doesn’t give you an URL I don’t have an alternative. Hope someone else can chime in.

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