Maps but upload your own Floorplan

Hey Beautifull community,

This component would help a lot of organisations. The ability to upload a floorplan (or anything else for that matter) and use that as a map. Ability to add pins to it based of a set for x & y coordinates.

Who would benefit from this:

  • Construction industry. Ability to identify problems or where they need to fix issues.
  • Housing market. Whether it is renevators, movers or anything else. The ability to have a map of the house and with dedicated action points.
  • Events. Even a new video was released of an event template. But quite frankly, the floorplan was too basic. What if you could look in the map for each event activity.
  • Restaurants. Ability to give a preference where you want to sit if you make an reservation for example.
  • Storage/Warehouse. The ability to give an exact coordinates where an item is instead of just “Alley 14, Row 3, Column 5”.
  • Cleaners, identify spots that need to be cleaned or need special attention. A lot better than just describing it.

Think this little component would add so much value for all kind of business’s.


Sounds like taking the <map> HTML element and making it a component.

Nice idea!

Works for floorplans, but would also work for interactive images, like diagrams, schematics, etc…

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@NoCodeAndy any idea whether this is on the roadmap. Would be very beneficial