S-AI Demo: Let AI Replace Your Project Manager!

Hey Glide Community!

I’m happy to share a new product I’ve built with Glide, tailored for studios and agencies. It’s packed with AI project management tools and other cool features that make managing projects a breeze.

The platform helps you quickly start projects and handle clients without the hassle of long briefings or managerial tasks. It can even replace a project manager at the startup stage until your project is up and running smoothly.

You can check it out for free here → beta.s-ai.world

This demo is just the beginning and is partly limited because I’m releasing it to gather feedback and validate the product. Documentation and a full website are coming soon!

If you’re interested, give it a spin and let’s chat! I’d love to hear your thoughts and ideas. If there’s enough interest, I’m open to making it open-source so we can all contribute and improve it together.

Looking forward to your feedback!


That’s really cool. I guess you’re using some sort of JSON under the hood?

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Thanks ThinhDinh! You are not wrong, most of operations handled using JSON as it is the most understandable format for LLMs. Also there is some side scripts and automations using MAKE and HTTP calls. I will also try to rebuild the architecture using vector DB, as it is now quite expensive and not optimized for a huge dynamic context, yet working.

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What’s your setup for the vector DB?

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There is no VDB now, but i plan to integrate it in the future and maybe I will use Langchain. Now all the context are gone through glide tables