Running number or counter


Is it possible to build a running number. My use case will be tree planting. So schools or individuals will submit a form indicating how many trees they had planted and this number will add up and get the counter running…So assuming we already have 100 trees then someone submits 10 trees then the counter increment by 1 and start running from 100 to 110. If there is no new addition, then it should just loop back to 100 and start to count again…The display will be a decent size in the center of the screen (location of where you normally have an image) … anyone have made such case?

Display would be something like this (not necessary the same). Thanks

interesting challenge, since glide refreshing rate is 5-10 seconds… it can be done only with some clever CSS

One option that comes to mind would be to use Cloudinary to generate a new animated GIF every time there is an update. This is not something I’ve ever attempted, but I expect it should be possible - and probably not that difficult if you have some experience with Cloudinary (or are willing to learn).