RSVP for the Glide Writers Cohort ✍️

Our new Unstoppable Genius series features stories of people using Glide to make a real impact on their businesses, teams, and customers. But there are so many more stories yet to be written!

That’s why we’re launching the Glide Writers Cohort.

This is a free, three-week program open to all Glide community members.

It will help you:

  • Showcase what you’re building and elevate your online presence
  • Develop a writing habit and gain the confidence to share your work
  • Connect with and learn from other Glide community members

What’s involved? The program is simple:

  • Publish new written content every week for 3 weeks
  • Join live workshops to meet others, share feedback, and discuss your writing
  • Get early access to the new Glide Community on Slack, plus dozens of resources to support your writing journey

Writing online leads to professional growth. We’ve seen it first hand, and we believe that the Glide community is full of great stories just waiting to be told.

We kick things off on March 8th.

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