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So my understanding is that google limit the number of RSS items to 20 from a feed. Has anybody found a way to get around this?

So you use IMPORTFEED in your sheets?

Hey sorry for the delay @ThinhDinh. Yep exactly

The syntax of it is:

IMPORTFEED(url, [query], [headers], [num_items])

I believe if you set the number of items more than 20 then it will return more than 20, otherwise it’s a limitation that comes from the feed. The upper limit for this is 250, if I recall right.

Tried this already. Feed url is showing 70, still only able to import 20?

Can you share the feed’s URL so I can test as well? Thank you.

Hey @ThinhDinh. Again sorry for the delay

Hi Anthony, I was able to import 50 items.


The formula is.

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@ThinhDinh thanks so much! This is fantastic!

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Glad it helped!