Row Security & Speed

If I have a screen available to a user which displays a table with 3 fields per row (3 columns of data being displayed in the screen), do the other columns in that data source not displayed or referenced there download to the users device?

A) If I have a collection of 400 items displayed with with a page limit of 4, what contributes to the initial loading time - 4 items or 400?

B) Same question but for a horizontal collection, what contributes to the loading time - the items which fir in the initial view or all items able to be scrolled to beyond the screen?

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My answers below assume regular Glide Tables.
Big Tables are different - data is lazy loaded on demand.

Yes. Every row in the table that the signed in user has access to will be loaded the first time the table is referenced.

  1. (Assuming that the signed in user has access to all 400 rows)

Same answer as above.

Thank you!! Short followup questions to your answers just to confirm…
On security and all rows loading for the signed in user at first table reference… My current setup is no sign-in required with optional sign in. So what you said is also true in this case for non-signed-in users?

Additionally is loading all rows still true if the table displayed is limited (by the table settings) to show only 8 rows (of 100’s)?

If setting a page size does not decrease loading time - that would be from a UX point of view, when I prefer to show all 400 in a grid it’s just as fast or slow as setting up a page size correct?

Yes, any and all rows that don’t have row owners applied will be loaded the first time a table is referenced.

If you mean limiting by page size or filtering, then no, it makes no difference. All rows are loaded.

That’s correct. The only additional overhead involved in showing all 400 rows would be the time it takes for the browser to render the grid. Which for 400 rows should be negligible.


Thanks again. I’ve got to learn to quote like you did, responses are very clear and easy to read!

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