ROW IDs ! Urgent issue with Glide

I’ve deleted Rows from the Google Sheet. around 2000. App is now around 3000 Rows.

Suddenly Row IDs have appeared again with no empty values when used in computed columns. and they have synched with google sheets.

but i cannot syn and changes done on Glide into Google Sheets. No edits or added rows in the glide editor are saved on google sheets source and when i refresh the changes are gone.

on the contrary if i edit or add a row on google sheets, the change shows in Glide.

any idea why this can happen ? @Darren_Murphy @Robert_Petitto

its working normally now … :sweat:

I wish that Glide row IDs would simply start at 1 and number sequentially as Microsoft Access and other industry-specific databases I have used throughout my career do. I feel that it would be easier to track growth and build relationships using row ID’s across various tables.

Even in big databases like Microsoft SQL, you can have an auto-incrementing number, but those are not typically best for databases that may have to merge with larger databases (or that might be a subset of a larger database). When designing databases for applications, I always use a GUID as an entry ID.

I don’t know that Glide’s RowID is a truly unique identifier like a GUID (I think you can use a custom action to set a unique identifier on a row).

In a case where you have multiple tables with RowID’s it could be confusing if you have several ancillary tables related to a main table, and each of them has a row with the RowID of ‘12’ (and the main table also has a row with the RowID of ‘12’).

Also in a use-case where you may have multiple apps with similar databases or sheets, you can export and merge them together into a giant database for reporting purposes, etc.

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That’s not really the purpose of RowID’s.
But if you want an auto-incrementing row number, there are a couple of ways to set that up.


Did it just start working or did you do something to make it work?

This was the first serious bug I have seen in the 2.5 months on Glide.


I’m waiting on Glide Support ticket to update me what they think had happened. But we had to try plenty of things to get the app working again. Our Google Sheet is updated from Airtable every time we get orders. So multiple parties are updating the sheet at same time. This is what i think is a bit of risk.
We deleted many rows make life easier to check. especially those related to processed orders. we deleted duplicates created by Airtable and all empty rows after the last row. and deleted any gaps i found in all sheets between rows. These are the main things we did (Google Sheet wise) which I believe returned the sync between Glide and Google Sheets.
Waiting on Glide to let me know whether that helped or there were other internal issues happening.

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