Rotating images on sign in page

I would like to use different images on my sign in page. The background one. Is it possible? Intend to change them every few hours at random.

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This sounds like a fun one. I’d love to feature a few options of user generated content on my sign in/loading page.

As we’re having to upload image/gifs in the Glide builder for it to change, this is not currently possible and of course, a feature request.

The idea about user-generated content is fun. I had a look at some apps with GIFs as their background and damn it looks so lovely.

If we can generate a GIF from some images that user uploads then it would be nice.

I wasn’t referring to GIF. I just wanted backgrounds that will change every few hours - randomly. If they allow us to point to a URL from that place, one can change image at the URL and the background will change accordingly.

Yeah I know, just another use case I have in mind. If that doesn’t work for the sign-in, I want to apply it for my homepage, for example.