Rollup Likes

Basically we have 4 columns:

  • Likes Global
  • Dislikes Global
  • Likes SI (stands for signed-in)
  • Dislikes SI

Likes SI & Dislikes SI are indicators of whether the signed-in user has liked or disliked a post or not.

Likes Global & Dislikes Global stores the count for the post’s likes & dislikes.

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Hi @ThinhDinh,

Many many thanks!!! I am deeply grateful for the effort you put in assisting me.

I will try it out and get back to you. I am sure this will be very helpful.

Once again, thank you so much.

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Hi @Manan_Mehta ,

it looks great! could you share some screenshots of your tables and functions?

How can you add two actions from the same button?


Thanks a lot Jeff!

I reached my goal!

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Thank you so much! This worked wonderfully. I created an account just to say this haha


Glad to hear it worked for you!