Rollup Howto: Rows Created This Month?

I’m trying to create a rollup / count of rows created within “current month”.
I have a field where I save “date created” but I can’t figure out the math needed to count the rows added within the current month?

A few different ways you could do this.

One of the simplest would be to use the month and year number. Create two math columns using the formula Year(Date)*100 + Month(Date). One using the current date/time and another using your record dates. Then you can compare the two math columns with an if-then-else column, and do a rollup on that column to get a count.

Another way would be to first use a math column to determine midnight on the first day of the current month:


…where N is the current date/time. Then compare that to each record date. If the record date is after the first day of this month, then it’s in the current month. Then do a rollup as per the first option.

And yet one more way would be to create the math columns as per the first example, but instead of using the if-then-else column, create a multiple relation that matches your current date/time math column to your record dates math column. And then do a rollup through that relation.


You’re crazy fast + smart Darren! I’m going to try that out right away! Thanks

No, I’ve just traveled this road many times :wink:

Haha! It worked like a charm. Your help is very appreciated :pray:

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