Rolling Booking

Hey would it be possible to help me with creating a rolling booking or a recurring booking.

In the screenshot theres a form where users can choose to book a tennis court. They need to insert their name, choose a time and date, a duration and they can add some side notes. However my client wants an option for coaches where they can roll a booking ie: they can choose to reserve the court for the following three months on the Monday of every-week.

This would be greatly appreciated.

For recurring bookings to be effective in the app, you’d need to have one row per event. For an event with no end date, this would be an impossibility. Really, the only way I can see this working would be through some sort of automation after the form is completed—you’d need to create one row per event (in your case, one per week on Mondays) between the start and end date. Easier said than done.


you can calculate next Monday’s dates, or just check if is Monday and if the booking is active… then simply show the date and time as a booked.

True. That works if you’re checking against dates, but it won’t work if you’re scrolling through an in-line list of calendar events. I guess it depends what you’re after.

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okay i see thanks guys