Roles and row owners - CRM App

I’ve created a B2B CRM / Pricebook app for my employer. I’m a mobile rep and created this to solve a problem I see often as a rep.

Everything is functioning correctly for a single user but what I need to do is have row owners and roles assigned but I’m struggling to get my head around it on multiple sheets.

Managers -
National - See everything
State - Offices with managers which see the state data they’re responsible for only (Deals, contacts and activities).
Reps -
Manage territories within the states with there own customers, contacts and deals/activities eg North Side / Southside or Machines / consumables. Some of the accounts are shared amongst the reps.

All managers and reps see everything as it’s all the same

Calculator - Sheet to work out margin/markup etc which isn’t saved but cleared once worked out. This is functioning fine but how do I set it up so we don’t see each others workings?

I’ve created teams columns which has become an array column within the user sheet but presumably this needs to happen with all the sheets that are specific - Companies, contacts, deals, activities?.

I’m not sure on the best way to set it up.I’m on the home stretch and nearly ready to present it to management but this is bugging me. Can I get some help please?

thanks in advance

This is helpful

Also have you thought about using ‘user specific columns’?

I’m not sure how it will be used with the CRM parts as multiple users will need to access contacts, companies, deals and activities.

I’ve looked for user specific columns for the calculator but when trying to edit the columns it’s greyed out. (see attached). It’s only when i create a new column it shows up. Is this a bug or are there other conditions?


You could try different ideas from setting the tab/component visibility to users’ roles as you have set.

Or in my app, I don’t name the roles, I do the sequencing, for example, I am 0, who should be able to see and do everything, the bigger number, the less parts they see image

You can also set up a View column to decide who could see which. image

Hi and thank you. I’ve got it solved and working well. Just needed to give it a break for 24 hours and then voila, all the advice made sense.
Thank you