Row Owners Trouble


I have the user glide sheet with the information of the user and the company they belong to. I had the problem that the community helped me to solve. The data I want to show is on a google sheet, that has a column that has the name of the company. I want all the users of a specific comany to see the information of their company, and not the information of the others, but at the same time I want my team to see all the information of the companies as they manage their orders.

I’ve tried to do Role Acces, but I can not make that the companies user see only their information and my team members to see the companies they manage.

I have in the user sheet a Relation that inclued all the companies each team member manages. Do I need to do a Managers Sheet and link them?

Do you have a portion of your Companies table that you want to show to everyone? I think you can have a “mirror sheet” where you use an arrayformula to extract the info you want to be fully public, then you don’t apply any row owners/roles setup in that Sheet.

In the main Companies sheet, and all other related sheets, apply roles as needed.