Right-to-left paging realized by glide

Do you know a book that binds on the right side (a book that pages from right to left)?
The books published in Japan, where I live, are a mixture of left-bound and right-bound books.

Glide basically uses the concept of left binding, so naturally movements such as scrolling images go from left to right.
However, if you use Glide to display the contents of a right-bound book whose pages go from right to left like a Japanese book, it will be very strange paging. This is because the progress of the page feels the opposite.
I think there are books that page from right to left not only in Japan but also in Taiwan and Arab countries.
So I tried to achieve right-to-left paging with Glide.


Interesting I never knew that. :+1:

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In Japan, there are traditional vertical books and horizontal books of Western origin.
Therefore, as shown in the image, books on both opening methods are mixed.

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I knew this by reading Doraemon and Detective Conan haha.

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Changed the movement when turning pages to the animation of moving back and forth.
(Caution) This app is set so that the page progresses from right to left.

I heard that even in Vietnam, Hanja was used in the past.
Are old kanji books going from right to left?

Quite a few css tricks can now be performed using glide components alone like the left and right changing colour button bar. Just need two button bars. Puts less pressure on poor choice component now.

Thank you for the good news @Wiz.Wazeer.
Is it sunny in London today?

What are the new features and uses that allow you to perform css tricks?

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Hi @hisashi.fujita. It’s 4 am in the UK now. It’s nippy outside.

I’m happening on these tricks more by accident than design. Your latest one on this thread is one such example. If you can spare some time, toy a little with buttons and increments. I see your amazing work on display all the time.

Thank you Wiz.Wazeer.
Oops, London was at midnight right now.
Are you the type of person who gets active at night?
Japan is currently around 1:00 pm on March 17th.

Yes, I will try your recommendations when I have time.
good night.

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Not sure about this, right to left books are only popular in the last decade.

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Yes my brain cells wake up at night.

Try this one.

Take two button bars, A and B we call them for now.

A- Left grey and right white
B- right grey and left white

A visible when B is not, and B visible when A is not.
Increment them by 1 and -1

Add two inline lists,A and B

A visible when Bar A visible and B visible when bar B visible.

See how the bars switch colours. Nice little css trick lol :joy:

Good day

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