Rich text justification

I have data in Airtable that I have linked to my Glide app. One of the fields is a rich text dot point list. All good except it appears as a right-justified list when it should be left-justified. It is much more difficult to read.
Is there a way to correct this?

Looks like you have that in a Fields component. Try putting your rich text in a Rich Text component.

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Yeah, I think long bullet lists wouldn’t be a good fit for a fields component anyway. You can have a text component for the “DISTINGUISHING FEATURES & FACTS” title, and a rich text component for the bullet list.

Or convert that whole table into components in a 3 or 4-column container.

I’m not sure I follow you. The bullet point list has been created in Airtable in a “long text” field with rich text enabled.

I mean if you have a list of bullet points, it’s likely not a good fit for the fields component, since it can be long. I advise you to not use that specific info in the fields component, and show it in a rich text component instead.

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