Result of calculations on a different page

Good morning,

I have an app project where I have already made an excel or sheet that I would like to integrate into GLIDE. But I would like to know if it is possible that sheet 1 is a summary or level calculations of sheets 3 and 4. with a summary table on sheet 1 with additions that refer to cells of sheets 3 and 4?

Thank you in advance for your answers


All of that can be done in Glide without bothering with an Excel sheet.

If you really wanted to have the results of computations written back to an Excel sheet connected table, it is possible, but cumbersome. And ignores the power of Glide. If you’re new to Glide, I’d encourage you to spend a little time learning about it’s capabilities, especially the power of the Data Editor and the vast array of computed columns. You’ll soon find that not only is an external data source like Excel not necessary, but it will only end up holding you back.