RESOLVED: Did Latest Glide Update Break Collections (On Item Clicks) on Android Devices & Glide Editor?

@NoCodeAndy We just noticed that the most recent Glide update (a few minutes ago) is now causing our List Styled Collection to not allow the items to be clicked on to show the detail screens ONLY on Android devices and the backend Glide Editor. iPhones seem to be unaffected.

We have our Show detail screen Target set as Slide In for (On Item Clicks). When clicking on the item on Android devices or in the Glide Editor, the screen flickers like its trying to slide in the detail screen but then it just goes back to the list.

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UPDATE: ALL of our show detail screen functions (Slide Ins) are now broken in our production apps for our Android users. Also same issue in the Glide Editor.

Please rectify it quickly! Thanks.

All slide-ins not available on any of my clients apps too after update. Is a roll-back possible until its fixed?

Found the same on my end. All Slide-Ins are broken.

Seems to be fixed in the editor and my users now have functions back.

Glide Support deployed a fix for the issue. Appears to be fixed for us too. That was a quick scare as we had Users reporting in as well. Thank you Glide Support Team for the quick resolve! :grinning:


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