Resizing images in tiles?

I want to display a series of logos in a tile layout but several get cropped.
I tried resizing them with several free apps with no luck. It looks like the logo is still the same…
Shouldn’t this work? Am I missing something?
Thank you.

I have seen that when you use square format, it works better with logos. Try this: crop square image (400px) and then compress. Btw, I haven’t figured how to display more than 5 logos at a time. So let’s see if someone else has a better solution.

I am using 4:3 tile shape and it works fairly well. Logos are tricky since some are horizontal (e.g. Bloomberg).
I did not understand why should I compress. I thought tha compressing would reduce size on disk not the image itself.
It’s like I resize the image but I keep picking the same original one!
BTW, in tile layout, I can display as manu logos as I want.

@gblitzer think like this. A frame will be put on the image with the ratio you have chosen. It crop out an image which leaves no empty spaces in the frame. This is why you see your images cropped. What you can do it to actually fill the “missing” areas with the background color of your logo. That will of course take some time

Thanks. But shouldn’t it work ok if I resize the image. Say, scaling it down…

@gblitzer well it might. Just put the frame you are going to use on top of the image and see if the image fits the frame.

I’m not getting you. How can I do that? By frame I assume you mean the 4:3 thing.

Maybe you are using a photo tool like photoshop. Put a frame like 4:3 on top of your images. Does all your logos fit inside the box.
You must stretch the box so it hit either height or width. Is your logo still inside the box? Then you will be ok

Makes sense. Thank you!