Required IF in Edit; REGEX; IF Column

Somewhat adding onto the “Form & Edit” feature request I made in November, for Edit Form…

Currently, there are visibility options with and/or, which is great!
Is there a way to add requirement options?
For example, if the SWITCH is TRUE, the next field will appear based on the VISIBILITY that SWITCH is TRUE. Now, ONLY when the next field appears, I would like it to be REQUIRED.
But, at the moment, it is REQUIRED at all times, even when the previous SWITCH that dictates whether it is visible or not is FALSE or EMPTY.

Could we add a feature that restricts field requirements ONLY when it is visible?
Of course, there are merits to leaving the hidden field required while it is invisible because we don’t have the option to make switches required or not either.

As a bonus, is it also possible to restrict possible answers based on certain formats or number restrictions?

Case use, there are currently 4700 membership cards at my gyms, labeled 1 through 4700.
To prevent an answer of 01 or A1 or even Japanese text of 1, 1, in a similar fashion to Google Form expressions, the form/edit will not accept an answer not between the range of 1 through 4700.
The regex would be [0-4700]

Other case uses are zip-codes, phone number formats, dates acceptable, etc.
It does sound incredibly difficult to incorporate regex, so just hoping for the requirement/non-requirement of visible/invisible components for now!

Aside from that, I thought it would be cool if the IF column can incorporate some of the visibility options show, like, date after, less than, greater or equal than, etc. If possible!

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