Required Help for DPR (Daily Progress Report) entry

We are at present made Daily Progress Report(DPR) in excel file as per fig.

In DPR, Billing Engineer Prepared Sheet, Then Checked by Planing Engineering and Last Approved by Project manager.
Now I want make application for same. I am not cleared that, how enter multiple entry in A section.
I plane for B Section is that, Enter data for SC(sub Contractor) wise.
I plane for C Section is that, Enter data for MATERIAL wise
My aim is made application simple and user friendly.
Thanks for Help in advance…:slightly_smiling_face:

I’m sure all the pieces are there in glide as this looks like simple data entry. I think it’s best to draw this out and work on little pieces at a time. A lot can probably be handled using Form Buttons to enter data. You are asking a lot of very broad questions here and it’s hard for someone else to envision what you want when they don’t know the data workflow like you do. How would you like the data entry to look and work. How would you want to be able to view the data once it’s entered. Like I said, try working on small pieces until you get it working the way you want, they work on the next piece and figure out how everything links together.

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Ok I understand

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