How to add multiple entry of same product per submission


Here is my google sheet.


We normally can submit one entry of specific item in every submission.Many entry requires many submission.

My goal is to add multiple product entry like Cat-6 Cable, Media Converter and so on in one submission.

Thanks in advance.

This is not currently possible, can you describe more in what cases you want to fill multiple records with the same data structure?

As it is an inventory management, so I need to make invoice for particular client when it requires to fill multiple records with same data structure.

I’d recommend several entry components on a detail screen that fill user specific columns. Make your initial selections and entries, then click on a form button. You can bring in all those values from the user specific columns and pass them through the form using the column value components. Submit your form and then all the prior entry fields will still be filled and you can continue to submit the form multiple times with the same values for each item you want to add.